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Miscellaneous Updates

Ok, so first, a knitting update. I did not, in fact, manage to finish even the first sock of my dad's Christmas pair, in time for Christmas morning. I ended up popping the sock in progress, needles, ball of yarn, and all, into a gift bag. When he opened it, I told him I'd continue working on it, if he'd hand it back. The first sock is now finished, and I've got almost the entire cuff of the second sock done. Here's hoping I can finish the socks, over the next few days.

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Kinda Weird

I've always been an introvert - at least, in the Meyers-Briggs sense. For those unfamiliar with M-B, what that basically means is that my energy and motivation generally comes more from within myself, than from others. Introverts are not necessarily unfriendly, shy, or reclusive - it just means that hanging around with other people (especially lots of other people), even when it is something they enjoy, requires energy, rather than restoring it to them – it may be fun, but is generally not relaxing.

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Bitten by the Bug

Let's just establish up front that I'm probably crazy for trying to pick up blogging again (if the sporadic nature of my updates ever qualified as "picked up", in your book), right now. I have been insanely busy for quite some time, having started nursing school this fall, around trying to keep up with the house, and my little girls. It has been a challenge for various reasons, one of which is the unique-to-itself (as far as I know) grading scale that my nursing classes use - anything below 80% is flunking, so 90% means you're scraping by with a B... barely.

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Random Tuesday

Well, hello. Here ends another multiweek (5-6, I believe) gap in my blogging. As much as it disappoints me that I've lapsed for so long, there is some good news in my life:

My Etsy shop is up, and I've got a couple items listed, though I have three more that I really need to get up there. I also have to get some pictures to my sister-in-law, so she can help me make an actual banner for the shop.

Since my last post, I did manage to get one major yardwork session in. I did a lot of bush/tree trimming.

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Well, I'm signed up for my first class in my drive to my next degree/career. It is an online class that starts in July. It's a small thing, perhaps, but it is a beginning. I'm looking forward to it, even as I'm wondering how I'll manage future classes, around KB. One thing at a time, however. Besides, it feels good to have made a start.

Hiccup in the Schedule

The schedule worked quite well for about 3 weeks, then hit bumpy ground, it seems. My friend had to change both the day and the time that she comes over to help with KatyBeth, and while I'm still grateful for the help, it doesn't work out quite as well for me, as before. Plus, and this is really the primary thing - KatyBeth has started getting up earlier, on a regular basis, meaning I have only naptime in which to try to get things done, and I don't get that, if I'm wiped out enough that I also need to sleep.

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Where I've Been

It has been nearly a month since I blogged! I didn't mean for it to be so long, but I've been staying rather busy, mostly with Baby Girl, who is going to start walking, any day now. I have, however, been getting Christmas knitting done, though I had to tear out nearly half a sock, on one pair, as it became doubtful that it would fit over the foot of the intended recipient. The thing that has really started eating up my bits of free time, though, is that I've started writing again! Dang, it feels good...

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Miscellany in the wee hours

It's 1:00 am. I don't know why I'm still awake. I probably should be falling on my face, but I'm not... at least, not quite.

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