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Knitting Milestones, etc.

Well, I've passed the midpoint on the baby blanket I'm knitting. For this pattern, you start with 3 stitches, and increase one every row. So the middle of the blanket is pretty wide. After that, you decrease one each row, so they start getting smaller. I am a few rows into the decreases now. I know the rows I've just done are still about the length of the last few I did before the midpoint, but they feel quicker. Probably a psychological thing: before the midpoint, you could theoretically keep increasing forever; after you start the decreases, there is a definite endpoint... 8^)

Catching Up

So, I guess I should describe a bit of the current state of my life, for those who don't already know me... 8^)

I am currently job hunting. My last assignment with my latest contract house ended last November. They've had a few things come by since then, but none of them has actually turned into a new job yet. Just went on an interview this past Thursday, though, which sounds promising.

Job Hunting and Ravelry

I had an interview today. It was with a recruiter, concerning a position in Southfield. Sounds like a good deal. I hope this doesn't go the way of the last really cool potential job I heard about - that recruiter submitted my resume to their client, and I never heard from anybody, and the recruiter seemed to practically drop off the face of the earth, shortly afterwards.

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