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Seaworth Family opinions

So, I've been thinking... The course of Jaina's opinion of Dalvan is pretty well established, but what do the other members of the Seaworth family think of him?

Aldus (Jaina's father)
Cadan (Jaina's brother)
Emmeline (Cadan's wife)
Aurora (Emmeline and Cadan's baby daughter) - I think she likes Dalvan. (:

Aldus and Cadan like him, but thinks he's a bit of a rogue, and would probably like him a little better *away* from Jaina.
Emmeline thinks he's charming in, again, a rogue-ish manner.
Aurora thinks he's the coolest show in town. :-)

... I don't think Cadan, at least, is too worried about keeping Dalvan *away* from Jaina - he may think Dalvan a rogue, but not a cad, and is confident in his sister's ability to keep him where she wants him - at arm's length! LOL I mean, he might get protective, if he thought Jaina couldn't handle him, but...

Aldus, as her father, on the other hand, may have some more protective urges to that effect. (: