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Miscellany in the wee hours

It's 1:00 am. I don't know why I'm still awake. I probably should be falling on my face, but I'm not... at least, not quite.

I had an interview, today - with a contract house that has found Arazyr several assignments, over the last year. The interviewer was nice enough, but I got the distinct impression he didn't really know quite what to do with me - I'm rather out of the norm, as far as the sort of people they usually place. They do mostly business-type programming, whereas I do engineering and engineering support programming. If you want a billing system, there are probably better people to do that. If you want a database system, I'm not your programmer. If you want a program that interacts with data acquisition systems, or helps control hardware - that's me. Anyway, I've now got so many irons in the fire (contract houses that at least claim they are pursuing opportunities for me), that I'm starting to have difficulty keeping track of them all. Seriously, I've got to have at least a dozen recruiters I'm working with. Everything has been going frustratingly slowly. Lots supposedly being pursued, but nothing coming to fruition. Kind of annoying.

Because of my interview, however, there was a big milestone, today - KatyBeth spent her first ever time, without her mommy or daddy present. She spent about an hour with a grandmother, because my interview and Arazyr's overlapped a bit. By all accounts, she was a good girl for her grandma. Not related, but KB also rolled over twice, yesterday, from front to back, completely unassisted, and on a level surface. She's close to managing the back-to-front thing, too, it seems. We have so much work to do around here, before she gets mobile... and it won't be long, now...

The baby cousin blanket continues to grow - I have, I believe, about 4 inches left, before I finish the main body, and start the edging. I'm hoping I'll be starting on the edging by the end of the day, tomorrow. I didn't get much knitting done, today. I'm optimistic, though - I stand a good chance of getting this done before the KB's baby cousin arrives, even if he's a little early. Then, I can get on with other projects, both knitting and otherwise, that I've been neglecting, trying to make sure the blanket gets done. I may actually be able to write some, next week! (: I miss writing. I'm sure my test audience does, too - they haven't had an update in more than 6 months, and they were used to getting one practically every day!

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