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So, I'm done with the antibiotics from the "health scare" a couple of weeks ago, and good riddance. That stuff left a weird taste in my mouth, and made other things taste weird too. 8^( Still having intermittant back trouble. And now, a few days ago, I did something to my left shoulder/neck area in the shower Thursday morning, and so now THAT has been sore for most of the weekend. Things like that are usually worst first thing in the morning -- today, it only felt about as bad as when I went to bed, so it seems to be getting better... >^|

Things are picking up a little at work. The main project I was brought in for has been partially sidelined -- it's getting restructured, which means plenty for the planning-side people to do, not so much for the actual developers, though. BUT, the group supervisor has gotten permission to bring me and the other contractor I was reporting directly to over to one of the other projects going on, so it looks like we'll be working on maintenance on that starting soon. Last week, we spent a fair amount of time getting the software up and running on our own computers, and getting a feel for how it worked, where things were, etc. Maybe this week we'll get some actual *work* to do on it. 8^)

KatieBeth has started sleeping through the night; again. She started doing that the first time after only a couple of months, then stopped again for a few months. The last couple nights, she's slept though again. Of course, her definition of "the night" starts at about 2:00 A.M., but this morning, she slept until about 9.

My wife and I stopped at a "local" yarn store yesterday, on our way out to spend the day with a friend of mine who is in town for the summer. (He's a teacher in arizona, but came up to stay with his parents during the summer break.) juujika wanted to stop and pick up some yarn, so she could get started on the Christmas knitting, but couldn't find what she was looking for. I, however, found something interesting, so we did walk out of there with a couple balls of yarn, just not what we expected to. 8^)

I've taken a liking to sock knitting lately, and there was this one brand called Magic Stripes that, as you knitted a sock out of it, would shift colors to produce stripes, without having to swap in other yarn. That stuff was discontinued, but I found some yesterday that look like they do the same thing. There was a color combo that appealed to me, so I grabbed it.

(Is it scary when you go into a yarn store with your wife, who is the one who wanted to go in the first place, but you're the only one who walks out with anything? 8^)


It's not scary. It just means you're a person who has a broad range of interests. : )

juujika has reminded me that she did actually buy something that day as well -- she walked out with a ball of sock yarn too. Not what she was originally looking for, but she did not walk out empty-handed. I guess that makes us even for that shopping trip. 8^)

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."
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