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Job Update, etc.

Wow, it's been longer than I thought since I posted here.

Things have been going well at work. Things have been fairly slow -- they brought me in during the lull between segments of the project. The first segment is winding down, and the second is only just getting started. So I have mostly been keeping myself occupied with familiarizing myself with the background of the project, including the old version of the site, and several others that are being integrated. Also reading through design documentation and so forth. Every so often, some actual coding work comes in. 8^)

Baby is getting big. She's a definite armful now. Cuter than ever, of course. 8^) She's just hit 6 months old -- she has her 6-month doctor's app't tomorrow. First one I won't be going along to, 'cause I have to work. Had I remembered about that app't a bit sooner, I might have tried to get the day off work, considering it is also our wedding anniversary. But it's a bit late now -- there's a meeting for the "second segment" at work scheduled for tomorrow, that I probably really ought to be at...

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