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Job Hunt Progress, etc.

Since my last blog entry, I had two more interviews scheduled for this week. Another phone interview this afteroon, and another in-person interview for tomorrow morning. That makes a total of four interviews this week: phone interview Monday, phone interview Tuesday, in-person interview Wednesday, in-person interview Thursday. Two down: the phone interviews both went pretty well. The one on Monday went so well that they want me to come in for a second; that's the new in-person interview for tomorrow (Wed). The phone interview today seemed to go well, but I haven't heard anything back about it yet.

juujika also has an interview scheduled for tomorrow. Mine is at 11:00 a.m., hers is 1:00 p.m., which means we're going to have to leave KatieBeth with Gramma Becker for a couple hours in the middle there. A milestone -- her first time being left with someone other than mommy or daddy. (Not counting the couple of times in the hospital when one of the nurses came and took her to the nursery for a checkup...)

As you have probably noticed, I'm playing around a bit with the themes on the site. The CMS I'm using here (Drupal) lets users (if it's enabled for the site) select a different theme for their blog (and when they view the site) than the default set for the site. I thought I would try a different theme for a while, and see how I like it. Let me know what you think.

Update 2:
The phone interview today went so well they also want me to come in for an in-person one -- on Friday. So, between phone interviews and in-person interviews, I'll have had one each day this week! Busy busy! At least it means things are making some progress...

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